Natural Leather Placemat and Coaster



Leather placemats are made of 100 % natural leather, which is durable and moisture resistant, so it helps to protect your table perfectly. Table mat design created by the old millstone shape. The placemat can fit a dinner plate and a coaster can fit a glass or a cup.

These are durable products pleasant to the touch. Placemats and coasters can be used as dinnerware and for decoration.

Materials: 100 % leather.
Size: Table mat for a plate 36 cm (14 in) x 29 cm (11 in). Coaster for a cup 13 cm (5 in) x 12 cm (4 in)
Colour: ivory.
Designer: Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė.

CARE INFO. Mats are easily cleaned with a wet soapy cloth. Certain foods and liquids may result in permanent stains if they are not cleaned right away. Avoid direct sunlight exposure for longer periods of time. Do not fold the mats or allow them to crease.

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