Timeless home décor – how to create a classic home design

No matter how popular they become, trends are short-lived. Think shag carpets, pink walls, and Tiffany lamps – every decade had such trends which slowly faded with time. But white walls, area rugs, or a mirror? They are timeless, they are classic. They never go out of style and hence create a timeless look. Here are a few ideas for creating a timeless home design.

Work on colors
Every year you will find the home décor magazines predicting the trends that will rule the market and colors are on top of their list. Colors play the most crucial role in giving a home its unique appeal. So, if you want to make it look timeless, choose them wisely. Pastel shades, warm colors, and pops of colors on the wall are trends that go out of style quickly but white, gray, and other neutral shades are time-tested.

Go for a focal point
A room looks pleasant and elegant when it has a focal point with other accessories coming together cohesively. A few items that work wonders as focal points are the fireplace, a sofa, or artwork on the wall.

Remember to arrange other pieces in the room symmetrically to create a pleasing look. A fireplace in traditional design makes a room look luxurious and hence, timeless.

Use an area rug
This décor idea never fails. An area rug in neutral colors or a design that complements other furniture in the room will help in making the room look classic. You can choose them in rich fabrics like silk or wool or settle for natural elements like jute or sisal.

Place a few antiques
An old piece of furniture amongst new ones definitely creates an exclusive look. An antique piece of furniture in hardwood with an intricated design like a chest of drawers or a wooden center table is priceless. Include them in your home design and you can always change the color or upholstery to fit your taste.

The artwork never goes out of style
If you want to upgrade the look of a room, get an artwork. Frame it properly and place it on a wall that catches the attention of the visitors and your work is done. You need not invest a fortune in acquiring an art piece, having an impressive one in time-honored style will make your space look timeless too.

Don’t fall for any trend, choose your home décor style considering your lifestyle and taste and stick to the basics. Choose simple, clean, and crisp lines and stay away from cluttering a room. With these ideas, you can easily achieve a timeless home design for your living space.

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