knobs and hinges

Do you feel your home is looking dull and outdated? Does it require redecorating? If a full makeover is not on your list and you want to spruce up things, think of replacing the cabinet knobs and hinges. Although these are minor items, they go a long way in adding the accent that your home requires to look fresh and elegant.

Get new hardware for a new look
The door and cabinet hardware get loose, look old, or even get broken. Changing them can give your home a new sparkle. When replacing the door hardware, you have to first decide the material. Today, knobs and pulls are available in materials like brass, stainless steel, pewter, chrome, and nickel. Glass and crystal are the other two ingredients that add elegance to the cabinets.

However, you have to choose the material according to your home décor. A white-walled kitchen with cupboards in deep colors will look great with glass knobs. If you love the industrial design, go for stainless steel, while a home with a traditional style of designing will look better with copper or brass knobs and pulls.

Match the colors
Yes, matching the colors of the cabinets with the pulls or knobs will accentuate the look. Light-colored doors will look elegant with dark matte handles. Have you ever tried the hammered steel look? They are ideal to create a rustic feel. When contrasted with the natural wood tones, they produce the rustic effect perfectly.

For a classic appeal, get black handles for your white cabinets as these contrasting colors create a strong impression.

Give a new accent to your cabinet knobs and pulls
When we think of pulls and knobs, we usually stick to the round shape. However, interesting shapes like hexagon or polygon can add that zing your home needs.

Get new hinges
Hinges wear and tear fast as we continue to bang the doors of the cabinets. When replacing the knobs, don’t forget to update the hinges also to match the entire look. Visit any hardware store or check online home décor sites for hinges that will fit your cabinet. Don’t forget to take measurements before buying as these hinges have to fit perfectly into the mounting holes. You can handle this task alone. All you need is a screwdriver to fix the new hinges.

Changing cabinet hardware can have a huge impact on your home décor. Try this inexpensive trick to revamp your home.

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