House Cleaning during COVID-19

The contagious pandemic has made everyone set in alert positions to battle with Covid-19. They are all ready to use weapons like mops, wipes, bleach, detergents, and disinfectants.

However, so much over flooding of COVID-19 news has dabbled these brave mommies in real anxiety. Additionally, it has streamed flood of questions in their minds. Consequently, killing their abilities to smart work defeating this virus.

If you are struggling with maintaining a hygienic atmosphere, here are some useful points that will help you keep your house clean during COVID-19.

5 Ways to Maintain Cleanliness in Your Home during COVID-19
Let's dive straight into some useful tips to shield your house against all the germs, including the trendy corona.

1. Wearing Proper Personal Protection Equipment
Safety with yourself first' is the thumb rule. Therefore, self-protection is an essential point to consider. For this purpose, make sure to wear disposable gloves avoiding accidental contact with the germs. Similarly, use masks, especially when spraying chemicals or blowing the dust away from surfaces. It prevents from unfortunate inhaling. Furthermore, considering ventilation will also serve safety.

2. Hit List of Places to Disinfect
Right after armoring yourself, make a list of places within your home that needs to be hit immediately with disinfectant and cleaning agents. Start targeting places that are more prone to hand touches. It includes handrails, window railings, doorknobs, handles of cupboards, drawers, and lockers, and armrests, etc.

Moreover, microbes love to lurk in the soft texture surfaces, and so your deadly coronavirus also. Therefore, it is also essential to clean porous surfaces properly. It includes all your doormats, carpets, drapes, curtains, etc. The best way is to wash them with lukewarm water and dry them within the sunlight. Furthermore, make sure all your house corners get enough to sunbathe.

3. Not to Mistake Cleaning with Disinfecting
Is cleaning different from disinfecting? Yes! Cleaning is swiping out of germs while disinfecting is killing of left stubborn germs. Disinfectants with the volume of alcohol up to 70% are best against coronavirus. Moreover, disinfecting containing Lysol, Clorox, and hydrogen peroxide are also active warriors against all kinds of germicides. However, using EPA registered disinfectants with the instructions is wise to avoid any harm.

4. Disinfect Electronics with Moist- Dry Wipes
Most frequent touch electrical appliances need the most careful disinfecting treatment. It includes switchboards, cellphones, intercom, remotes, and laptops. It is crucial to take care of such devices that they do not absorb moisture. Therefore using disinfecting wipes and immediately wiping it with dry wipes or towel tissue is a safer method.

5. Instant Bleach-Based Disinfectant
Bleach can also work as active disinfectants on non-porous surfaces. But it should have a sodium hypochlorite of 1000 ppm or a concentration of 5 to 6 % least.

Additionally, always use room temperature water to dilute bleach. There two pure ratios making bleach as best disinfecting. The first ratio is five tablespoons bleach each gallon. While the other is adding four teaspoons each quarter. However, refresh your bleach mopping after every 24 hours and make it stay on the surface least for 1 minute.

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