Throw Pillows

Are you the person who likes the comfy stuff and buys it without thinking twice? Well, then you must be having a lot of throw pillows in your living. Anyways every time we visit the market, there are always some new colors and designs available for throw pillows, so there is no power over buying off the pillows.

Well, the pillows are called a work factor for your place. If the pillows are placed right and nice, they can freshen your space and give it a whole new color palette. By just changing the sequence of throw pillows can give a new perspective to the living. But setting the pillows is not as easy.

3 Tips to Arrange Throw Pillows Perfectly

Decide a Theme
The first thing that matters in setting up your throw pillows is that you need to choose a color theme and should not veer from it. Go for the shade you have decided, that goes with your living.

Go with a Color Palette
In case you cannot find the same color, you can choose any complementary shade. Like you can buy Lavender throw pillows for a dark blue or purple base. If you wish to add some excitement in your room, you can use Bohemian throw pillows. bohemian throw pillows can make the room look fancy yet simple.

You can add just one Boho pillow in between the plain ones, to make a statement. It has a variety of pillows, there are geometric printed ones, textured ones, tribal, and Mandala throw pillows. Any one of these will give your pillow arrangement a professional look.

Symmetrical Arrangement is the Key
The arrangement should be symmetrical, both sides of the couch should have the same palette and arrangement. Symmetry makes things look neater and in place. Don’t overlap them, if you keep adding them on, things can look messy and busy. Be it your bed, sofa or your window chair always go for a symmetrical arrangement.

How to Arrange

  • The technique is to start from the edges and work to the center.
  • Put a base pillow on each side, then towards the medium place your medium pillows, make sure the two overlap slightly.
  • Then comes your interest pillow right in the middle of the couch, connecting both sides of the sofa. 

Don’t Forget to Fluff Them
Make sure you fluff out your pillows before you place them on the couch. The pillows on the sides can be bigger but as you move towards the center, the pillows should get smaller. A smaller pillow at the center, it will give the sense of comfort and a place to sit on the sofa.

Play with shapes
Play with different shapes in pillows, this will add some geometry in the arrangement. Use different shapes for each layer, like using some big square ones on the sides, some rectangular ones by the sofa sides and you can put a circle one in the mid. But make sure all the shapes you are using have the same color or are in complementary shades.

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