Modern Farmhouse Style Decor

Home sweet home, this line is as sweet as anything in the world. We call our home sweet not because we feel comfortable there, but we call it sweet because we can mold it the way we want. We can decorate the way we want it.

If you are a nature lover, you might be thinking of a farmhouse appeal in the house. Here are some amazing tips for you to turn your home into a modern farmhouse style. Have a look:

5 Ways to Get Modern Farmhouse Style Decor

Paint It Out
Start with the paint, the paint or the wallpaper should be neutral colors like shades of white, gray, ivory, black, taupe, and beige. A good tip is that don’t paint all the rooms in different colors, all the rooms should have the same tome and color. Avoid using bright colors or wallpaper. Incorporate vintage elements in your home, like using a vase that looks vintage.

Mix The Modern and Vintage Elements
Here you can mix the vintage and modern elements. The balance of both elements matters so be careful about how much vintage and modern you are incorporating in your place. Things that give a rustic look are appreciated in this case. Forgiving it a rustic decor, the use of wood is highly recommended.

Play with the Light Fixtures
The most important factor that will change the aura of your farmhouse-oriented home interior is the use of the right lighting. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Going for farmhouse pendant lights will add an industrial vibe and the black color will seem modern at the same time.
  • In case you don’t want the black pendant lights, you can go for colored ones. The pendant lights with floral design will add to the farmhouse vibe.
  • Use linen style shades for table lamps in the living room. Wood pendants that have exposed bub will add perfectly to the scene.
  • Rustic farmhouse style chandeliers in the entryway will speak for itself. Farmhouse style chandelier will give an edge to the theme.
  • You can also go for all glass style lights or traditional lights. Birdcage style chandelier will give a farmhouse appeal at the top of your dining table.

Furniture That Looks Old
Furniture that is old can be painted, old painted furniture completes the look of a farmhouse decor in the home. The furniture that is worn out can be painted in the same color it had before, which gives the furniture a natural look.

Like paint some old table and chairs, which you have kept in your storehouse for ages. Some distressed furniture can be added to the scenario. Leaving the worn-out furniture in its real state is an art itself, the used furniture will give the impact of a farmhouse.

Consider Affordable Decor Options
It’s not important to invest in luxurious decor items to achieve a farmhouse style in your home interior. You can visit any thrift store or an antique shop to get your hands on some great decor and furniture pieces. Parallel to being less expensive, these items often provide you better quality than the new ones.

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