Deciphering your home décor

Imagine you walk into a room full of artifacts from different parts of the world. Won’t you think that the owner loves to travel? Similarly, if a home has indoor plants at every corner, you will consider the owner to be a nature lover. The same happens when someone walks into your home. Our living spaces reveal our personality and are a reflection of our lifestyle and tastes. Let us find out what your home décor speaks about you.

What colors say about you
Generally, a home with a lot of bright colors on the wall and furnishings looks cheerful. It appears welcoming and the owner is seen as a person who loves to enjoy life.

On the other hand, a home with a neutral color palette looks unexciting. However, the mix of colors shows that you are a balanced person who loves bits of everything. A home in light and cool colors is soothing and leaves a good impression on the guests.

A home decorated in bohemian style with splashes of colors like deep blue, orange, and yellow all over the space shows that you are a spirited person. You love to lead an exciting life.

What your home decor items tell about you
If you have a lot of cushiony pillows thrown around on the sofas, you love comfort. You also love to extend a warm welcome to your guests.

In addition to this, if you have swanky sofa sets in luxurious upholsters or chandeliers in your home, you exude sophistication. Your choice of furniture expresses your taste.

A home with a lot of seating arrangements or two living rooms shows that the homeowner loves to have people around him. He is a good host who throws lavish parties for his friends.

A room with its walls decorated with family photos tells that the residents love their family. Nostalgia is important to these people and they treasure their past.

How do you know if a person is an extrovert or introvert? Observe his or her home. If there are cozy corners, you can consider that the owner loves to enjoy a quiet life with his or her books and coffee.

How well do you manage your money? Your home accessories reveal that also. If you have big and expensive anchor pieces in your home, like a big bed or a dining table, you value your money and invest them wisely.

People who have unusual artifacts in their homes or proudly showcase the things their children create, usually love change. They are fine with switching styles and love to experiment.

So, what type of person are you? What does your home décor disclose about you?

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