indoor herb garden

Nothing can beat the fragrance of fresh herbs added to your dishes! Imagine how great your salads would taste with fresh parsley or when you add thyme to egg strata. But will you like to go out every time you want them? If you create your indoor herb garden, you can enjoy the goodness of the herbs whenever you want.

Grow your indoor herb garden
There are plenty of benefits to having an indoor herb garden. As we mentioned earlier, your dishes will taste delicious with fresh herbs. Besides, herbs can make your home smell better. Moreover, greenery always adds a fresh touch to the home décor. By using different containers for the herbs, you can give your home a nice makeover.

How to grow your herb garden at home
Growing herbs at home are easy if you follow the basic steps. Like, most herbs require full sunlight and so, choose a balcony or a window that gets maximum sunlight. A south-facing window is the best place for your herbs.

Choose the herbs that are easy to grow and don’t require full sun for the whole day. For example, mint, parsley, and oregano thrive easily indoors.

Use well-draining soil to plant the herbs. Adding gravel at the bottom will ensure good drainage.

Apart from these, make sure that you are not overwatering the plants. Let the top layer dry out before watering. Also, sprinkle fertilizer once every week, and don’t forget to cut them off to help them grow faster.

Now, once you know how to grow herbs at home, let’s see how you can create a beautiful herb garden that will increase the attraction quotient of your home.

Create an interesting herb garden at home
Colorful pots will make your herb garden look attractive. But you can make it more appealing by using unique ideas.

Home décor sites stock up planters in different materials and sizes. A vertical herb garden will give your kitchen an alluring appeal.

If you love reusing things, there are plenty of ideas for you. The discarded shampoo bottles can be reused to hold herbs. If you get them in different colors, your herb garden will dazzle with the bright hues. Similarly, you can repurpose mason jars to plant herbs. Use a hook and wires to fix them on the wall.

If you have any wooden shelf lying around in the home, reuse it to make a nice plant holder. You may need to adjust the shelves to hold the plants and fix a rope to hang it.

So, put your green thumb to use and create a lovely indoor herb garden to spruce up your home and your dishes too.

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