Popular home décor styles

Rustic or bohemian? Industrial or transitional? You never thought choosing a décor theme for your home would mean getting lost in these jargons. However, knowing them will help you to create a unique interior design for your home. Let us decipher the 10 most popular decor styles.

This style is predominant in most apartments and houses today. Clean and crisp lines, a simple color palette, and sleek furniture are the main tenets of this theme. Glass, steel, and metal accessories make a home look modern.

This style is inspired by the warehouse look and hence involves the use of exposed steel and brick and distressed timber. A house decorated in this fashion will have high ceilings, metal light fixtures, and a few pieces of functional furniture.

The style presently popular is termed contemporary. You can also describe it as luxury modern with clean and uncomplicated furniture, luxurious and comfortable sofas, and innovative accessories. Innovation, style, comfort, and modernism blends in a contemporary interior scheme.

As the name suggests, this style borrows from the Greek and Roman classical tradition. The classical design has been revived for a sophisticated appearance that uses old and heavy pieces of furniture, luxurious linen, conventional colors, and other classical architectural design elements.

Shabby chic
Vintage elements are used in this design for an antique look. The use of aged furniture made of distressed timber is a predominant feature. Feminine and delicate, this style uses soft colors like white and cream. From light fixtures to accessories, the décor elements are usually light and ornate.

If you do not like to follow any rule, this is the style for you. In this way of home décor, there are no rules. It is a carefree style that lets you use your creativity to give your home an identity.

People usually use the artifacts they collect during travels to decorate their homes along with colorful pillows, rugs, and curtains.

A sense of balance rules in this approach in which you borrow from modern and traditional ways of decoration. Modern materials blend with traditional designs for a striking effect.

This décor style is fast becoming a trend in which modern design is simplified for a clean and streamlined look. Functionality is the key and hence we use simple furniture.

Bring the outdoors inside your home through the rustic décor. Nature inspires this style and hence you will find the use of natural elements like wood and stone.  Reclaimed wood floors and accessories collected from outdoors are common.

This style is a modern approach to cabin look in which natural elements like distressed wood are used to create a barn effect. Elementary but stylish, this design expresses your lifestyle.

So, here are the 10 most popular décor styles. I hope you can pick the one that suits your personality easily now.

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